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Todoist Next screenshots

Today, Todoist upgraded its platform with web-, mobile-, browser- and desktop-based versions of the app and an all-new, streamlined look. They are definitely setting themselves to compete with Wunderlist. The new version offers free collaboration and what appears to be extensive functionality, especially with the collaboration tools and could give Basecamp a run for its money for small teams.

The regular apps and web interface are free. The premium account ($29/yr) offers additional features including adding notes and file attachments, task search, color-coded labels, email or text task reminders, automatic backup and synchronization with iCal. I think the premium version will be the way to go since being able to add text, images and URLs to a task would make things so much simpler. The price per year is less than Wunderlist which is $49/yr for collaboration but Wunderlist allows notes and images in the free version but there’s no indication in a list or sub-list that a photo or note is associated with the item. So it works… sort of. I certainly don’t think I’ll miss the wood grain if I switch.

I waffle between loving the cross-platform convenience of digital to-do lists and missing its paper counterparts and physically crossing things off, adding details and saving the completed lists. Being able to add a task on my phone, then review it or deal with it when I’m parked in front of my computer has a lot of appeal though paper could do the same thing.

This app seems like its is the best of all possible to-do list apps, sleek, streamlined and upgradeable for a small fee. Would you or have you tried any of these digital to-do lists?

10 Ways to Declutter your Desk

Kinfolk editor Nathan Williams' desktop computer at home along the Oregon coast via Hear Black.

Kinfolk editor Nathan Williams’ desktop computer at home along the Oregon coast via Hear Black.

There are ten great (if sometimes obvious) tips for keeping a clear desk and a clear head over on Remodelista. Clean, sort, organize and manage your time are things we all need to be reminded about occasionally. I’m particularly fond of the advice to use to remove your name from slews of subscription emails and SelfControl to forcibly block sites from yourself for certain windows of time (hello, Pinterest!) for we of little self-control.

(via Remodelista)

Link Love: Miscellany Loves Company


There were lots of hard-to-categorize bits of wonderfulness on the pen-blogospere this week including the epic link list from the Pen Addict Podcast Gift Guide Episode (#81) which is a link list onto itself.

Fabulous Miscellany:

Letter Writing and Post:




Pencil stylus by FiftyThree


Pardon my repeated turns to digital recently. As computers, cell phones and tablet devices are as much a part of our working life as pens, paper and staplers, I feel its worthwhile to include references occasionally.

Link Love: Pinning away for it


From my Well-Appointed Desk board (clockwise from top left): A homey workspace, a very elegant workspace, a desk transformed from Martha Stewart, and a workspace from Design Sponge

This week, I thought I’d cull through all my desk, pen and office supply boards on Pinterest and give you some visual Link Love. Check the sidebar to find me on Pinterest and follow the boards that interest you.


From my Pens and Pencils Board (clockwise from top left): Pantone marker set, beautiful Edison Encore pen dipped into water for a rinse from Goulet Pens and Pelikan Edelstein ink swabs from JetPens.


From my Digital Office Board (clockwise from top left): iPhone cases from Ampersand Shop, stackable USB cords and Kate Spade desktop wallpaper


From my Desk Accessories board (clockwise from top left): Doane 3-ring notebook paper, pencil cup dispenser, office supplies from Restoration Hardware and a desktop screensaver clock

Other folks to follow on Pinterest:

Damn You, Art School and Procreate (it’ll make sense when you read the whole article)

Damn You Art School

Damn You, Art School is a web site organized by art school disciplines like architecture, fashion, illustration and others that will give you a list of recommended digital tools for a given discipline. The recommendations range from note-taking and sketching apps to business management tools like faxing and time accounting (in the Illustration tab). There are lots of good recommendations for people in all sorts of professional fields or to help you plan out your next creative project. Snoop around, you may find a tool or app you didn’t know you’d need. I do notice a notable absence of the best tools for all creatives: paper and pencil.

Procreate screenshot

Oh, and on the topic of digital tools you didn’t know you needed, I wholeheartedly endorse a drawing app for the iPad called Procreate ($4.99 from the iTunes app store). Even if you do not consider yourself artistically inclined, this app may change your mind. The brush tools are the most realistic I’ve used since the Mac app Painter and there are additional brush sets available for purchase ($0.99 per set and most are totally worth the upgrade). This app is incredibly powerful and includes layers which can have different blending modes and transparency, easy to use undo options, you can rotate the canvas and so much more. There is a whole community of users that share new brushes and techniques. File can be exported to a PSD file and the layers remain intact. I’ve been using the app to create original wallpaper for my iPad. I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately so I painted a personal nebula. Not as awe-inspiring as the sample images included with the app but I made them with my finger and a few spare minutes. I’m so proud of my wallpaper, you can download it and use it too on your favorite mobile device.

Procreate download file

Click image to access attachment. Then save it to you computer.

On the topic of pencils…

I went down the pencil rabbit-hole yesterday and found a few interesting tidbits:

A sneak peek of the new Blackwing Pearl expected to be available on May 2 (via Woodclinched)

A sneak peek of the new Blackwing Pearl expected to be available on May 2 (via Woodclinched)

There is more information about the new Blackwing Pearl available on the site and on Timberlines. The Pearl is designed to fill a spot between the original Palomino Blackwing which was described as “soft and smooth” and the Palomino Blackwing 602 which was described as “firm and smooth”. The original Palomino Blackwing is favored for sketching while notetakers have preferred the 602 so the Pearl should be the good all-arounder pencil. And the white pearlescent paint sounds like it will be fabulous. Just one more week before its available. And, be assured, I will be reviewing it.

I also found an article on Medium entitled “Don’t be afraid of a pencil” about sketching for everyone to help get your point across.

Griffin Technologies has made a pencil stylus -- all the good looks of a classic #2 but it will work with you latest touchscreen device $20

Griffin Technologies has made a pencil stylus — all the good looks of a classic #2 but it will work with you latest touchscreen device $20

An article in USAToday suggests that kids prefer taking the SATs with paper and pencil. So don’t dump those #2 pencils quite yet.

If you want even more pencil love, check out Leadholder which specializes in leadholders, Leadhead specializes in mechanical pencils especially vintage ones, and my friends over at Pencil Revolution and Pencil Talk.

Link Love: Inkscellany

(Vetted X Calepino Notebooks Set via Vetted)

(Vetted X Calepino Notebooks Set via Vetted)

This week is another hodge-podge of pens, paper and digital tools but mostly a lot of ink reviews… mmmm… ink!


(Geometric Desktop Patterns available in four colors from How About Orange)

(Geometric Desktop Patterns available in four colors from How About Orange)

Pens and Ink:

USB multi-tool

(USB charging multi-tool from Fred Flare)


(Mid-Century Perpetual Calendar Round-Up from Present + Correct)